Normally, the credit price is the net price plus all taxes.The credit value of an order is equal to subtotal A of the pricing procedure determined for the order.The function module SD_DETERMINE_KKBER determines the credit control area of a particular sales order. The value is stored in the KKBER field of table VBAK. From the order, it is transferred to subsequent documents such as deliveries and invoices. As coded in the function module SD_ DETERMINE_KKBER, the credit control area is determined in the following sequence. If the credit control area is available in one step, the subsequent steps are not performed. Credit control area determined by the function module EXIT_SAPFV45K_001. This function module is used to insert customized ABAP code to determine the credit control area. If there is no coding, the system moves on to the next steps. Credit control area maintained for the business partner in business partner role FI Customer (FLCU01). The credit control area of the sales area in which the particular sales order is created. If the system does not get any credit control area in the above three steps, then the company code determines the credit control area. You define risk categories in Transaction OB01, as shown in the top part of Figure 3.11. The risk categories created for a credit control area in sales and distribution must have the same keys as a risk class created in credit management in SAP S/4HANA using Transaction UKM_RISK_CLASS, as shown on the bottom part of Figure 3.11. The system reads the risk class assigned to a business partner and determines the risk category that has the same key as the risk class during a credit check. You can also use the field Transaction Date to check if the credit check will fail in a future date. This is relevant when the dynamic check step (030) is valid for the customer. To display documented credit decisions, use Transaction SCASE. You can also view the logs for each documented credit decision. However, because with authorization for Transaction SCASE, cases not relevant for credit management can also be displayed and modified, credit controllers are often provided with authorization for Transaction UKM_CASE. In Transaction UKM_CASE, you can view and modify all cases created in credit management in SAP S/4HANA. Using Transaction UKM_ MY_DCDS, you can view and edit only the documented credit decisions that you have created by yourself.