Reference: Warning ME040 – Can Delivery Date Be Met – ERP SCM – Community Wiki (

“Can delivery date be met?” system message appear during purchase order (PO) creation. What this message means, why is it issued, how to vanish it?

This message is hard-coded as default question in every case when:
delivery date is within 1 week
the position’s item category is not ‘B’ (limit / blank) or ‘D’ (service) PO,
the position is not a return and issuing plant is empty (not stock transfer [STO])
issuing plant is entered but not return
issuing plant is entered and return

Resolution / How to avoid it
You can set it as error or warning in the customizing, or even you can leave its attribute empty, so the message will not appear.
But by default and in most cases warning message is used as it used to be only an attention raising message for user about the close delivery date.

See also
1672772 – Determination logic of the delivery date in purchase orders


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